Prague green city

Prague green city
Districts in Prague are separated by green belts

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Hrdlorezy - "Cutthroat village"

Prague district Hrdlorezy - "Cutthroat village" has among all Prague districts one of the most interesting names. But it was not village of murderers, as one might judge, but highwaymen, rapists and thugs, or as it was then called  "Hrdlorezy" in Czech, which  can be translated "Cutthroats" in English. However, it seems that these rumors were circulated by local innkeepers just to persuade people to stay for the night in their inns and so being protected against the "thugs". This way the innkeepers increased their sales. An interesting feature was the early 16th century inn, which was built on both sides of the road. The road passed through the inn and there were gates on the both sides that could be closed if necessary and obstruct the way. Thus the inn provided passenger with safety. In addition to the bar the inn had also guest rooms, stables for horses and sheds for merchants cars .......


Even after joining Prague in 1922 Bohnice remained  little lonely village surrounded by fields adjacent to the provincial mental hospital, which was built in the years 1906-1911. At that time, it was, together with Viennese hospital, the largest and most modern mental hospital in the whole Austro-Hungarian Empire. In the middle of the area there is the art nouveau church of Saint Vaclav from 1911-1914. Today the whole area of the hospital is protected as a cultural monument. In the 70th years there was built a large housing estate in the southern part of Bohnice. The new housing estate was the construction of the Czechoslovak-Polish friendship, therefore most of the streets were named after Polish cities (eg Zhořelecká, Lodžská, Poznaňská) and shopping centers after Polish rivers (Visla, Odra, Nisa). Although not the most beautiful estate in Prague (the view from the the city acts as a disturbing bristling wall), the estate has some primacy and attractions. In Zelenohorská street is the longest block of flats in the country with 18 entrances and a length of 300 meters. Inside of another long block of flats in the street Hlivická the film 'Go back to your grave. "was shot.The plateau residents also have excellent panoramic view on the city. The best surprise awaits you when you then turn  around the corner to the old Bohnice and suddenly you feel that you find yourself in the South Bohemian village. The village square is decorated with baroque Vraný´s farm with gables and preserved barn, baroque mansion, neoclassical church and an Art Nouveau house with former restaurant and cinema. Ancient village is first mentioned as early as 1158. From old Bohnice the road continues through picturesque valley of Bohnice to the river where you can find the ferry to the opposite side of the Vltava river.
Vrany´s farm is prostected as national monument