Prague green city

Prague green city
Districts in Prague are separated by green belts

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Hrdlorezy - "Cutthroat village"

Prague district Hrdlorezy - "Cutthroat village" has among all Prague districts one of the most interesting names. But it was not village of murderers, as one might judge, but highwaymen, rapists and thugs, or as it was then called  "Hrdlorezy" in Czech, which  can be translated "Cutthroats" in English. However, it seems that these rumors were circulated by local innkeepers just to persuade people to stay for the night in their inns and so being protected against the "thugs". This way the innkeepers increased their sales. An interesting feature was the early 16th century inn, which was built on both sides of the road. The road passed through the inn and there were gates on the both sides that could be closed if necessary and obstruct the way. Thus the inn provided passenger with safety. In addition to the bar the inn had also guest rooms, stables for horses and sheds for merchants cars .......
belfry without bell today ....................
Inn with cinema and belfry with a bell ..... formerly
 Czech sense of humor - in the Czech board you can read following words:  "There used to stay a house on this place since the 17th century. The house was memorable by the fact that there is never anything special happened. May the Czech history continue to avoid this place."

There used to be a lot of farms in Hrdlorezy

Diverse viaducts on the border Hrdlorezy and Hloubetin districts in the rain
Do you know these interesting creatures in Rokytka? Originally I thought that this is a beaver, but one local resident laughed at me, with the fact that they are nutrias which have been living here for 3 years. It is said the whole of Prague come here to feed them. Originally a couple moved here from the nearby like, and now the entire population of each other "relatives" includes several dozen. They live in burrows on the opposite bank, but as they glimpse  "feeders" then they arrive immediately  at great speed  to obtain food . They like hard bread, carrots, turnips, all sorts of green ....
Nutrias live in good harmony with the wild ducks which eat all what the nutrias left. However, mostly it is not much left, so the dugs are sometimes courageously trying to tear out the bread directly from nutrias hands. Nutrias battle among each other for food and small cubs are not afraid to pick up a piece of food "straight from the mouthfrom the old and bold individuals. The young ones are mostly surprisingly successful. The reason is that the nutrias are not able to see well and see only the bread just before their noseCubs, when they battle for bread, are more nimble and  take it as a game. Individuals, who wish to have a meal at resttake it away to the other side of the small river named Rokytka nearby their burrows, where they are happily eating and washing. The burrows are built just above the surface of the water and are not very deep.
The usually small Rokytka river experienced the most devastating flood in its  history on June 3, 2013. Nutrias were taken away to an unknown destination, their burrows were flooded ..... I hope they will return...
The burrows were originally on this place
On the right side there used to be a road
Also on this place
Before the flood....
....and after
Happy end: good message for all of the nutrias lovers - in July 2013 they are back again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Typical Prague periphery picture as it was in 1930th
Are we in Prague or in the idyllic countryside?
The only surviving original Art Nouveau building in the locality called Vinice - "Vineyards" in English 
A textbook example of ornamental Art Nouveau
 Many makeshift colonies with small makeshift houses made ​​up of all sorts of building materials arised on the outskirts of Prague during the 1920th a 1930th. The trio of colonies "In front ofthe Bridge" (in Hrdlorezy), "Behind the Bridge" (former in Hrdlorezy today in Hloubetin) and "Behind the Mountain" (in Hloubetin) was closely linked to each other. All houses in the colony, which is really "In front of the bridge", are already  upgraded, some newly built and provide a beautiful home in the countryside near the Rokytka river  and yet in Prague.
We are "in front of the bridge"
Some nice people have even found the original number of their house- in English: "Makeshift building, 24, Colony In front of the Bridge, Cutthroat village"
Number from times when Hrdlorezy was  XI. Prague district and belonged to Zizkov (1922 - 1949)
Prague street signs and house numbers really provide an unprecedented range of information. Prague could apply for entry in the Guinness Book of World Records in this field. (Note: U schodů = "At the stairs" in English)
Pub "U Brezanky" hidden in the countryside at Rokytka river refreshes both members of the club Spartak Hrdlořezy and wide (not just sport) public, such as mothers with children who can use a children's playground. The pub has an outdoor terrace with barbecue. Nearby is an outdoor fireplace.


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