Prague green city

Prague green city
Districts in Prague are separated by green belts

Friday, 1 November 2013


Would you like to visit the famous Golden Lane with no rush of tourists and with free admission? If so, I invite you to walk to the old Stresovicky on the southern slopes of Stresovice. It is one of the best preserved old villages in Prague at all. Unlike the nearby old Strešovice, which were largely demolished or converted improperly, you can find in Stresovicky truly original atmosphere of the worker´s hamlet including old houses and bumpy pavement (so called: cat's head).

Belfry in Stresovicky

We come to stresovicky through Ve Stresovickach street

There are preserved small picturesque gardens in front of the houses

As in the Mediterranean

Ther is also a place for a small seating area...

... or  many quaint articles

We enter the middle of the village through narrow alley Na Kocourkách

We reach the small square

Sitting on the square

Old cobblestones and roses

The houses on their back side are based on rocks

Demolition of an old house allowed to reveal how houses were built right into the rocks, including some rooms carved into the sandstone directly

There is one house already missing there

Behind the  belfry begins small district of Art Nouveau apartment buildings

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