Prague green city

Prague green city
Districts in Prague are separated by green belts

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Lower Zizkov

Zizkov, one of the most peculiar districts of Prague, was described in countless novels and pictures of its steep streets were published in many photography books. Residents of Zizkov (Zizkováci in Czech) were always proud of their neighborhood and called it the Republic of Zizkov.  Even long after joining to Prague  Zizkov locals regarded themselves not as people from Prague, but from city of Zizkov, which was also duly marked on border area houses. Founded in the east of the city Zizkov was always one of the poorer neighborhoods, but the tangle of streets, courtyards and balconies created interesting community of people where life took place in public spaces. Zizkov is said to have the largest number of pubs per capita in the world .........
Zizkov was named after Jan (John) Zizka of Trocnov (c. 1360–1424), Czech general and Hussite leader. Zizkov was created in 1875 after splitting the municipality of Vinohrady into two parts - Vinohrady I (later Zizkov) and Vinohrady II (later Královské Vinohrady = Royal Wineyards). Vinohrady I. was renamed Zizkov in 1877, which became a city in 1885 and was incorporated as Prague XI to the newly created Greater Prague in 1922. Nowadays Zizkov belongs almost entirely to the municipal ward  Prague 3, only small pieces of Zizkov area belong to Prague 8 and Prague 10.

Neo-Renaissance city hall of Zizkov was built by architect John Simacek in 1889 - 1890 and inaugurated on the occasion of opening of the Anniversary Exhibition in 1891.
 Three landmarks of Zizkov: Neo-Gothic three-nave church of St Procopius by architect Josef Mocker ordained in 1903, Neo-Renaissance building of Sladkovsky school built in 1898-99 and modern Zizkov tower.
 Baroque Church of St. Roch - originally plague chapel at the newly established cemetery. The primary reason for its  building was an epidemic of plague in Prague in 1682. Later the church  served as cemetery church and as the parish church from the year 1839.
Steep, narrow streets and green Vítkov Hill
Old Zizkov courtyards and  balconies
New Zizkov courtyards and balconies

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