Prague green city

Prague green city
Districts in Prague are separated by green belts

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Two villages of Krc

Originally there were two Krc - Upper and Lower. Both villages were previously separate and both also went up from the valley on the slopes of hillsides to the top of the hill, so the name of the village is certainly not connected with their altitude. Upper Krc  was found along the Budejovice road and still retained some of the original buildings of interest, both rural character and beautiful Neo-Renaissance suburban villas. In the upper Krc we can also find an ancient coaching inn on the Vienna road and later a famous tourist restaurant "The Swan", serving visitors of Krc forest. Lower Krč was more significant. A landmark of Lower Krc is beautiful neo-Gothic castle No.1. which adjoins the park with several lakes.  Castle estate was nationalized in 1948. The property was returned in restitution to the heirs of of landowner Welz . Recently, the castle has been renovated and converted into a four star hotel, park along the ponds is used as a golf course. Unfortunately, most of the historic center of Lower Krc was destroyed during the construction of the Southern Connection Motorway. Also a magnificent hotel U Klimešů with a garden restaurant and a cinema disappeared. . Chapel of St. Anna cringes alone  on a deserted place of the former village square .

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